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4 Festive Fall Events to Launch Your Autumn Attitude

1.The Edwin Hotel

Opening in early September, the Edwin Hotel is a new attraction for Chattanooga! This unique boutique hotel offers fantastic shopping, incredible restaurants, a spa, and more to keep visitors entertained.

The 27 million dollar facility is the peak of luxury, and offers many different entertainment opportunities even if you aren’t checking in. For a festive fall experience, check out the rooftop whiskey bar as a way to combat the colder weather heading our way.

2.The Chattanooga Apple Festival

The quintessential fall staple, the apple is delicious in many different forms. Combining that with a Chattanooga staple- the Chattanooga Market- creates a match made in heaven. Come out to the Tennessee Pavilion for the Chattanooga Apple Festival and explore seasonal foods, crafts, fun activities and more.

From apple cakes to apple candles, get your fruit fix all in one place! This highly anticipated event is the perfect opportunity to stock up on all your fall favorites for the upcoming winter.

3.Wine Over Water Fest

Looking for a boozy adventure? The Wine Over Water Fest is perfect for you! More than just a drink preference, the “wine over water” is a literal statement- enjoy drinking all your favorite wines while walking around Walnut Street Bridge.

With over 100 vendors from all over the world, this tasting tour is perfect for the casual drinker or aspiring somolier. End your evening by exploring one of the many incredible Downtown restaurants that offer discounts with proof of ticket purchase.

4.Go Ghost Hunting

Ideal for the adrenaline junkie, a ghost tour is the perfect way to get into the spooky spirit! Explore the local Chattanooga area while getting to know local lore and legends on one of these exciting adventures.

For something more action packed, Ghost Hunting adventures are also offered! Go out with an experienced paranormal investigator to truly receive a “hands-on” experience!

Come Home to Chattanooga!

With so much to do and experience, it should come as no surprise that visitors to Chattanooga often become residents. As your local real estate expert, I’m here to help you find your perfect home! Give me a call today to get started.

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